The Ultimate Guide to Working From Home

The work from home space needs to be a place where we feel productive, focused, and inspired. In addition to having the right equipment, the physical set up and the ergonomics of the workspace is also critical.

The ideal home office set up

Here are a few tips to create an effective and ergonomic workspace for the long term:

The first thing to keep in mind is to have all that we need and keep the space clean and minimal in design.

The foundation of a workspace is the desk, the size depends totally on the nature of work, and the placement of it on the location of the electrical outlets in the room and the source of natural lighting in the room if there is one.

The height of a standard office table is 750mm from the floor to the top of the work surface. One can get a Sit-to-Stand desk too, which switches from a sitting to a standing position by the click of a button, so that you’re not sitting all day. 

Appropriate monitor height is a must if you work on a PC at home, make sure its placed at an appropriate height which is when your eyes are at a height of 25%-30% below the top of the screen.

One can invest in a good monitor stool which matches with your office desk and will raise the height of the monitor to the desired level. It also gives additional storage under it.

But for a home office being used by more than one person, another option is having the monitor placed on a monitor arm and adjust the height of the monitor according to the height of the user.

To work comfortably for many hours while maintaining a good posture one needs to invest in a good ergonomically designed chair (our recommendation is the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller).

If looking for a mid-segment chair, be sure to get one with adjustable height, that provides lumbar support for the lower back (Our recommendation the Amaze Chair from Featherlite).

Lighting is of great importance in a work from home set up, we need to make sure it’s not too dim or not too bright, both of which can cause strain on the eyes. 

A good barometer for that is, if one can read paper documents without additional light.

 We need sufficient indirect light, preferably overhead lighting typically from the ceiling.

Warm light such as from firelight, promotes relaxation. Cold light, such as daylight, improves productivity and alertness and that’s what you want in your home office.

It’s best to have a good throw of natural light in the office as windows and exposure to daylight has an impact on our physical and mental being. Working in a space with natural light can reduce headaches and eyestrain allowing us to be more productive on a day-to-day basis and healthier in the long term. We also need to make sure our desk is not placed in a way that it creates a glare on the monitor screen and also it must be diffused with shades or curtains.

Good internet zone, we need to make sure that the room is converted to a home office has high-speed internet service. The more people sharing the same internet service, the higher the speed of the service. 

Other equipment: You’ll need a keyboard and a mouse or touchpad. One should also invest in a good quality headset and a multifunctional printer/copier/scanner.

Apart from the above essentials the following are things which can be added to enhance the aesthetics and ambience of the office.

Plants: Research shows that having plants in an office can increase your productivity and make you happier while you work.

Bookshelf to hold all those precious books, from your favourite authors and ones we pick up when we need to feel motivated. 

Frames on the walls or on the shelves with family pictures and motivational/inspirational quotes that keeps us going on those tough days. 

Paintings that we feel happy when we look at or evokes beautiful memories, or has a calming effect on us

timepiece, one can get engrossed in work and lose track of time since one doesn’t have to go home, because you are already home. Having a clock, either on the table or on the wall is a must-have.

Aromatic Candles can be a good addition in the work from home space. They can help us feel calm, energized and help our brain get into a more productive mindset.

Lavender- eases the mind and relieves stress

Eucalyptus – are energizing and improve focus

Lemon- can relieve anxiety and depression.

On the Table, a tray to hold stationery items like a stapler, paper clips, Pen stand, pens, and, pencils. A Daily Journal, a note pad etc. A Bottle of water, glass and coasters to remind you to keep yourself hydrated while you’re working.