How To Prevent Backache While Working At The Office Or From Home

The human body was designed for frequent motion, but our modern work habits dictate that most people will spend many hours a day working at a computer. Remaining in this static position for hours at a time can cause muscle stiffness and backache.

As remote working becomes the norm, more people are working from home, often sitting at a regular table, a kitchen/dining counter or even from a lounge or sofa chair. Working for long hours at an ad-hoc workstation puts additional strain on your back, neck, and shoulders and can lead to backache.

The human spine is dynamic and requires dynamic support when we are seated. This means that investing in an ergonomic workspace is imperative to keep the back relaxed and free of pain and pressure. Implementing a few simple tweaks to your office furniture can make all the difference to support your back while you work.  

1. Adjust your workspace Start by adjusting your working environment – your work chair can have a significant impact on your seated posture. You should be able to sit back comfortably in your office chair to allow some of your body weight to be supported. 

A good work chair will naturally support all the regions of the spine, and the best work chair will support an individual’s unique anatomy and allow flexibility in movement.

Your office chair should be set to a height that you will be comfortable working for several hours at a stretch.

Check that your elbows form a 90-degree angle when you place your hands on the surface of your desk. If they hang lower than the top of your desk, adjust the height of your office chair either up or down.

2. Maintain the correct Posture Poor posture while sitting, such as slouching forward or slumping backwards strains the muscles, ligaments, discs and other components of your back.

For the most ergonomic posture, sit close to your desk with your head upright, your upper arms parallel to your spine, and your hands at a 90-degree angle on your work surface. Your legs should also be at 90 degrees, with the knees directly above the ankles.

3. Take regular breaks to stretch Equally important as the correct posture, is taking regular breaks to move around and stretch. Try to set aside a few minutes throughout the day to stretch your muscles and to relieve built-up tension.

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